Recruitment and selection of human resources
Our goal is to find and recommend the person most suitable to your business, combining your company objectives and the ones of the candidate, giving this way the total warranty “in writing”, that the selected person is the most accurate according to the profile that your organization needs. According to the invaluable experience of our team of professionals, managed by our director Dr.Jorge Sardi with more than 35 years of expertise, and the most modern methodologies for selection, our services also include a total guarantee during the selection process.

Design and implementation of training programs
Our goal is to provide different training programs, according to the needs of the organizations, for all levels of business. There are different programs that promote developments, within the companies and/or outside them, aiming at a higher level of deepening of experiences and learning of the issues involved. For these purposes, our professionals involved have enough expertise to recreate with modern methodologies, according to the specifics purposes of the contracting companies.

Organizational development tools
Our goal is to provide and maintain available for organizations, different tools that allow reads of the exact dimension of the intrinsic realities that exist in the companies. For these purposes, we design performance evaluation systems ad hoc, as well as exercises with autonomous work groups Including tools to examine the organizational climate, as well as productivity improvement, and continuous improvements on organizational behaviors in the contracting companies.

Planning and development of human resources solutions
Our goal is to provide the possibility of solutions to organizations in relation to their human resources, with the implementation of an annual programme of training and development that includes a career planning, a performance review system and different systems of remuneration and compensation. Our specialists have the expertise to design and implement systems for evaluation of potential, competencies and performance management programs. Introducing training plans for new professionals, discovering the best talent.

Reference Check services
Our goal is to provide organizations exclusively, the reliability of the references in relation to the candidate to be incorporated from internal and/or external searches, by checking comments and opinions about the personality and performance in previous work experience. Our experts have created a methodology of approach to check strengths, weaknesses, appreciations, characteristics and doubts that have arisen in interviews and assessments administered, taken directly from senior staff, coworkers and subordinates to the postulated candidate

Audit of triads finalists
Our goal is to provide a unique solution for audits of finalists’ triads, whether for internal searches, job posting and/or external searches contracted by other experts. For this purpose the expertise of our Dr. Jorge Sardi, unquestionably ensures objectivity in the selection of candidates, beyond the paradigms and studies that support the presentation of candidates for the Organization; through a successful support according to the actual needs of the contracting company, enabling thus the excellence of a final decision.

In summary, formulas of averages, monographs, the truth table, curves of Gauss, assessments, certifications of quality, forms, technical tests and other countless tools, are part of the consuetudinary methodology of work guaranteed in SARDI consulting.